In the heart of Berlin's Spandau district, a visionary real estate project is unfolding that promises to reshape urban working and living. Spanning over 220,000 sqm, the twelve buildings represent an extensive mixed-use development designed from scratch, featuring an innovative blend of office spaces, cutting-edge laboratories, engaging commercial zones, and inviting community areas.
This ambitious project is not just about building structures but creating an ecosystem where work-life balance thrives amidst extensive publicly accessible green spaces. With gardens woven into the fabric of the ground level and lush rooftop sanctuaries, it aims to bring a slice of nature back to the cityscape, promoting biodiversity and well-being for all who visit or dwell within.
in.grid as a brand embodies a new breed of intelligent architecture: Intelligently built and always open for new ideas. It stands out with a grid-like design that's both smart and adaptable. Talking to progressive minds looking for more than just a workspace; it's created to feel like the perfect launchpad for visionary ideas. A framework, designed to be functional and straight forward, but with it’s custom animated typo literally speaking to you emotionally. Her language is uncomplicated, her tone of voice friendly and casual. Her message always simple: Here with me, you can let your ideas lift off.

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