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The groundbreaking changes in the world of work were anticipated by Design Offices very early on. Since its founding in 2008, it has opened almost 50 offices nationwide and been a driver and platform for New Work in Germany.
In today's competitive co-working landscape, maintaining a strong and relevant brand identity is vital to maintain a leading position. Our recent project thus focused on sharpening DO’s strong brand identity and refreshing its voice rather than reinventing it. Through strategic redesign efforts, we aimed to enhance functionality, timelessness, and overall appeal, while preserving the brand's core essence.
The first step in our process was to revamp the logo, retaining its clear and straightforward character while infusing it with a fresh perspective. We opted for subtle adjustments, ensuring that the logo remained recognizable to existing customers while attracting new ones. The new design subtly refined the typography, transitioning to a more geometric sans-serif typeface. This change not only improved readability but also contributed to a more timeless aesthetic.
While maintaining the iconic black and white color scheme of the brand, we expanded the palette to include softer and warmer greys. This extension brought a sense of approachability to the interface, making it more inviting to users. Additionally, we introduced a vibrant peachy orange as an accent color, injecting a refreshing and human touch into the brand's visual identity. To further amplify the human element of the brand, we introduced a humanistic serif font. This choice not only added warmth and personality but also emphasized the importance of the company's most valuable asset – its people. By prioritizing human-centric design elements, we aimed to establish a deeper emotional connection with the audience.
A key aspect of the brand's revitalization was the incorporation of abstract shapes derived from the initials "DO." These dynamic forms served as a backdrop or wallpaper, symbolizing a state of flow facilitated by the company's highly functional and aesthetically designed spaces. By interacting with each other, these shapes create a sense of dynamism and depth within the brand's visual identity.
Drawing inspiration from the textures found in DO's physical spaces, such as fabrics and concrete walls, we integrated grain textures into the brand's visual elements. This addition not only adds depth but also conveyes a sense of sophistication, aligning with the brand's commitment to quality and attention to detail.

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