The Stack

In Munich's most urban and vibrant district, surrounding the main train station, a wood-hybrid office building is being developed with the highest standards of sustainability and technology in mind. Its unique architectural design will be complemented by innovative features inside: flexible rental spaces that lay the groundwork for a forward-thinking "office of tomorrow". A comprehensive rooftop garden concept and a double-height lobby will provide areas for interaction, communication, and open space as a counterbalance to the dynamic, bustling city center. This pioneering project will make a significant contribution to the evolution of one of Munich's most exciting submarkets.
In the course of our dynamic "bold brand building" approach to crafting brand identities, it became evident that this building indeed embodies a bold statement. "The Stack," perched at the edge of two streets only a stonethrow away from Munich's main station, offers a reimagined vision of office space that dares to venture beyond conventional confines. Logically the unconvential communication message is that thinking “inside the box” or The Stack equals “outside the box” thinking - the will to advance and embracing of the future's possibilities.
The Stack's brand identity is characterized by an edgy yet welcoming vibe. The "stacked" logo and layout mimics the layered appearance of the unique architecture, creating a sense of depth and organization without being literal. The color scheme ensures the brand feels both fresh, dynamic and approachable. This blend of elements results in a versatile and cohesive brand that's as inviting as it is distinctive.

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